Pupcake Recipe Review

Here is a review of a “pupcake” recipe I found on Pinterest. The recipe is by Dog Tipper.

A “pupcake” is just a dog cupcake, btw. I used these for Conner’s BarkDay celebration, which was really just me feeding the dogs cupcakes and then making Conner wear a foam crown. haha. I think everyone involved had fun!.  

The Recipe can be found here:

Recipe: Dog Birthday Cupcakes!


This is the first dog cupcake I’ve ever made, but searching online made this very easy as there are a lot of recipes online. I chose this one because it had pumpkin and Peanut Butter, which I know my dogs love, so I went for it. This recipe was honestly way easier than I thought and it only took about 30 mins start to finish to make the cupcakes. I should add that I never frosted the cupcakes though, because I was too excited to have the dogs taste them.


The dog’s Review: 

YUMMY! Basically inhaled them in one bite. They did try to eat the paper though.

Looking back, I probably could’ve just used my silicone cupcake wrappers to avoid them swallowing some paper.


That’s it. 🙂

Here’s some more pictures of Conner in his Crown 😀


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