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Conner’s Dog Park Essentials

Disclaimer: Order is not important in this list, lol. And also, I realize every dog’s needs vary, but this is what we bring on our normal outings to the dog park.

  • Collapsible Dog Bowl – Sometimes the water fountain can get pretty crowded, and Conner is pretty picky about where he likes to drink, so I always make sure I bring his own bowl.
  • Water Bottle (in case the water fountain isn’t working) and for human hydration 😉
  • A Ball & the Chuck-It – This is mostly for Noodle, Conner could care less about the ball
  • Poop Bags
  • TREATS! – this is probably the most controversial item I bring. Many people stray away from bringing treats into a place filled with dogs, but if you’re sneaky enough, none of the other dogs will know. And they’re great for ensuring a great recall within all the excitement when you need it.

What are your dog park essentials? Let us know in the comments below.

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