I started this blog for Conner because I felt limited by the tiny captions on instagram. I also felt like I wanted a place to document the things I’ve learned raising my dog’s Conner and Noodle. I love the community that we have made on IG and will definitely continue to use the platform because it is powerful.

Conner has hip dysplasia, which is why I make sure that he has adequate amount of exercise and mental stimulation. His condition makes it important for him to maintain healthy weight in order to stay mobile. He’s also a very shy dog, always has been, which is another reason I have been working on socializing him through dog scouts, instagram meetups and other events. He’s made a lot of progress through getting out more, but still has some moments of anxiety.

Noodle is our hound. She’s a very vocal hound in public and she’s very food motivated. She is the first dog that I’ve been fully responsible for. She is very high anxiety, which is something I’m learning to deal with.

My name is Karli, I’ve always owned at least one dog. I’ve owned bunnies, a guinea pig, hamsters, hermit crabs, fish, and even a horse. It’s safe to say that I’ve always had a love for animals, so much that when I told my friends and family I was attending UC Davis, they immediately thought I was going to be a vet, not an engineer, lol.

I love to learn about dogs and their role in our lives and how we can make their lives better, which is another reason I started this blog, to help me learn and grow and to share what I learn through raising Conner and Noodle. I also want a blog to help others find resources that I’ve struggled to find through my journey.

Stay tuned for more posts! and feel free to let me know of any ideas for posts 🙂

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