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    Conner’s favorite Things – Amazon List

    I got this idea recently, to create a list of all of Conner’s favorite things, then I found out this is totally possible with Amazon’s new List feature. Haha, i’ll admit some of the list is my favorite things for dogs too, Conner can’t read, and he doesn’t really play ball, but his sister Noodle does. So here’s a link to the Household of Connerfurreals Favorite Dog Things! Connerfurreal’s Favorite things on Amazon We will try to keep it updated as we find more amazing products! 🙂 Let us know of any of you and your dog’s favorite adventure items! 🙂

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    Conner’s Dog Park Essentials

    Disclaimer: Order is not important in this list, lol. And also, I realize every dog’s needs vary, but this is what we bring on our normal outings to the dog park. Collapsible Dog Bowl – Sometimes the water fountain can get pretty crowded, and Conner is pretty picky about where he likes to drink, so I always make sure I bring his own bowl. Water Bottle (in case the water fountain isn’t working) and for human hydration 😉 A Ball & the Chuck-It – This is mostly for Noodle, Conner could care less about the ball Poop Bags TREATS! – this is probably the most controversial item I bring. Many…